Susie qualified as a registered nurse in 2001 and had a long and successful career in the NHS, largely in London and then latterly on the South coast. She has held substantive posts in five acute Trusts, culminating in Head of Nursing for Emergency and Site Services at a London hospital and then General Manager for Emergency and Ambulatory Care in Dorset.
During this time, she completed her MSc in Advanced Practice (Leadership). Susie left the NHS in 2015 feeling more able to help it from the outside than from the inside and set up a consulting business through which she has run a portfolio career ever since. This includes working as an expert witness for the law courts in clinical negligence cases and training other experts in the medicolegal process. She has also spent several years as NHS sector lead at Sea Salt Learning, working with the indomitable Julian Stodd, taking his work on Social Leadership and the Social Age into the NHS and beyond.

Susie has volunteered at Crisis for Christmas in London for several years, as both general volunteer and as part of the healthcare team.

Susie’s interest in coaching and mentorship started at the beginning of her nursing career, as great emphasis is placed on mentorship in that profession. As her career progressed, leadership development included self-knowledge and awareness training that she found personally exceptionally helpful. Working in consultancy over the past few years has enabled Susie to flex her coaching muscles more broadly.

“I believe that something magical happens in the space between two people when absolute attention is offered from one to the other. This becomes more powerful when trust exists to such a degree as to allow pertinent and challenging questions that enable the client to think differently, and to go deeper, and perhaps to find solutions that they would not otherwise have considered”