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The conference last week was our 3rd time working with the folks over at CASE - we coached 35 delegates this time and some of you reading this will have met us through this latest conference. As many of you will know, we provide free coaching at conferences in any sector, and so far we have been in fundraising, education, finance, technology and even construction! As well as our ongoing partnership with CASE, we also work closely with Ascend Global Media and are always invited to their 'women in' world series events. Those of you who we met through one of these conferences will know we always ask for feedback, and an overwhelming majority of delegates say that out offer adds significant value to the conference they're at - one person even recently said 'The session was excellent, easily the most valuable part of the conference for me personally'

Obviously, we hope that some of the people we coach at conferences will continue their coaching journey with us - but really we think this experiential way of finding out more about what coaching actually feels like, and what it can do is the best way to understand how important it is for personal and professional growth. We speak with many people who are feeling stuck, feeling like an imposter, or who are just not sure how best to progress. In day to day life when we're busy, we tend to ignore these feelings. But they show up anyway! Many delegates who sign up to our coaching sesions often talk about how beneficial it is to take time to reflect and focus on themselves. And with the coach acting as a mirror, we can find the causes and tools to actually deal with this.

Our conference offer is simple - we provide one hour sessions to any delegate who wishes to sign up, on a first come, first served basis (we provide as many coaches as we have available at the time, proportionate to the size of the conference, but this is frequently not enough and we get booked up quickly - we suggest the organisers make that clear from the very start!). If people do miss out on a session at the conference, they are still eligible for our introductory offer of 6 sessions for the price of 4 (£700 - a bargain!). We provide a link to our booking system that goes out with the conference information, so additional workload for the conference organisers is minimal. We ask for feedback from all the conference coachees, and then provide a short and anonymous report to the conference organisers - this is the key piece in the puzzle of why we always get invited back! The conference organisers get to increase the impact of the conference experience that they provide at absolutely no cost, delegates get an hour of free coaching, and we get to meet fantastic people like you - everyone's a winner! If you or your organisation would like to offer coaching with KiKu at your next conference, get in touch.

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