In Japanese, KiKu means all three things and we love the fact this one word simply defines what makes us more than your usual coaching agency. 

At KiKu we know that regardless of whether you’re a leader a senior manager or working for yourself, there is stuff that you just want to work through.  And sometimes that’s difficult on your own or in a work place environment. 

We also know that your stuff is unique to you, it occupies your thoughts whether that’s a  complex decision, a tricky relationship or office politics. We recognise that it might help to have someone who will listen to you, ask you relevant questions, challenge you and really hear you.  Then we can work together and get you to where you want to be.

We pride ourselves on the intuitive way we work with you. We don’t follow a process, an agenda or use tired theoretical models. We are super qualified, but that’s not the point. You'll end up thinking, considering and doing things you'd have never thought possible.  And you'll have greater awareness and more options to perform at your best.