Good coaching and mentoring can change lives, challenge deeply held belief systems, alter career paths and create unprecedented personal impact. But we believe it relies on a few, fundamental principles before any of that can happen.  These principles stem from the KiKu mantra to... LISTEN. ASK. HEAR. 

The client must feel heard and understood.  We know this is crucial for a client to be  prepared to make themselves  vulnerable and open to real learning and insight.

The client must own their goals and outcomes.  When someone is  prepared to put the work in to discover what they really have potential for and to own their own narrative they will enjoy huge rewards.

The client must be prepared for challenging questions. When anyone opens up their views and perspectives for exploration or scrutiny and is prepared for their assumptions to be broken down and rebuilt they start a process of learning and integration. And this is the foundation for growth.

The  client will own their own views and decisions. Because we don’t offer advice and don’t explicitly direct anyone towards a view that is anything other than their own, our clients build confidence and certainty. Their views become robust and flexible.

The client will find their own answers. The light bulb moment, the point of realisation or  the personal epiphany, you choose the description, but we’ll get you there.   And as you find your answers so will you discover more questions which simply recognises the power of personal growth and development.