Alex has worked within the world of market research and strategy for 17 years. Working at small to medium sized agencies, she is used to dynamic, fast-paced, pressurised environments. Educated across three countries and growing up in a Japanese-Scottish family, Alex has always had a natural passion for understanding different cultures, a passion she pursued by specialising in International research across Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia and North America.  She worked across sectors from automotive to technology (her favourites), media to fashion, healthcare to consumer goods. Exploring how and why people think, feel and behave as they do, she combines in-depth analysis with the ‘bigger picture’ to advise how mind-sets should inform decisions within an organisation.
Alex prides herself on building rapport and asking the right questions at the right times to help people express their thoughts and experiences – a skill honed through conducting thousands of interviews with people from every walk of life. As a team leader, she has headed up groups of professionals from a range of backgrounds and levels of experience. She has always tailored her style of support and coaching to each individual to ensure they get the most from their work-life and that this results in a strong team dynamic.
Her role as a coach has in many ways been what Alex enjoys most. So much so, that in 2018 she chose to become a freelance researcher to free up time so she can focus on coaching.

Alex currently works with a number of clients on a pro-bono basis and continues to mentor former colleagues in order to support them with their career plans. She has helped people build confidence, gain promotions and clarify priorities and action them.

Alex’s passion for coaching was first ignited in 2007 after being introduced to the concept by a friend and adopted a coaching style of management and personal development ever since. In 2011, Alex had the opportunity to be coached herself which really solidified her belief in the practice. Her research skills centred on creative interviewing and idea generation work complement her  style of coaching – ensuring her client feels able to speak openly and work collaboratively with Alex to set and reach their goals.

“Coaching gives you the time and space to raise your awareness levels and see things more clearly, cut through the noise in your head.  Once things are more ordered and in their 'real' context, you can prioritise better, solve problems that seemed impossible and perform at your best in all aspects of life. My goal is to work with clients to do all of this at a healthy, steady and sustainable pace”